February 2024 Update

fmcainto February 14, 2024 0 Comments

I hope that everyone is staying warm and safe. I know this has been challenging for most of us that are traveling at this time of year.

Below are updates on a few items from both INTO and FMCA.

Mosey INTO Muskogee:The plans for the Mosey INTO Muskogee rally May 17-21 are coming along nicely. 

We have added Mike Sokul, an expert on electrical matters in RVs. He has both practical and theoretical knowledge about electrical design and real-world operation. He trains RV technicians as well as educating RV owners. He will give three seminars; 

  • Measuring Campground Power, Surge Protectors
  • Generators, Inverters, Lithium Batteries & Solar Upgrades
  • Hot-Skin Voltage Dangers, RV Grounding, Troubleshooting Electrical Faults

Mike is famous for answering questions both during the seminar and staying late after the seminar.

The Ramblin’ Pushers Chapter will be doing a four corner weighing of RVs as you arrive. The overall weight and the weight distribution can have an impact on your safety. The Ramblin’ Pushers will be providing an individual weight per tire position. They will also be providing a seminar to discuss the results, what they mean and how it can impact your safety. A donation is requested to provide for the maintenance and transportation of the scales.

We have worked with our golf cart provider to allow guests to rent golf carts. You will pick them up the first day of the rally and return them at the end of the rally. Here is the link to have your own personal golf cart https://fore-wheeler-golf-cars.pointofrentalcloud.com/portal/

We are planning a Cowboy Day. With a barbeque and a showing of the movie Oklahoma. Planning on dressing in you best cowboy or cowgirl attire.

If you want to register, we still have 50-30 amp full hook-up spaces available. Visit the INTO website for a registration form.

INTO Website:The INTO Website is now being hosted by FMCA. The website address is the same, www.fmcainto.com. You do need to be logged into your FMCA account to view all of the INTO website. Please take the time to review what we have done and let us know what needs to be improved or added.

INTO Audit Committee: Ken Carpenter, Rocky Lippold and Tom Braum have agreed to conduct the annual audit of INTO finances. A report will be made to the general membership at the annual meeting of INTO in Redmond.

INTO Bylaws and Standing Rules: Connie Pool, Clair Porter and Pat Weithofer have agreed to review the INTO Bylaws and Standing Rules. If there is anything that you needs to be added or modified please contact one of them.

FMCA Tucson Convention: There are four chapter events scheduled for the Tucson Convention. The Chapter Fair gives chapters an opportunity to let members know about the chapter and to recruit new members. Some of our Chapters have been very successful at expanding their membership through participation in the Chapter Fair. The Block Party gives the chapters a chance to get together with their existing members and prospective members in a social setting. The third is a parade that again offers your chapter an opportunity to participate and let everyone know how much fun they can have as a chapter member. Some chapters have had floats and dressed up in various costumes.  The last event is the Chapterfest. This will immediately follow the parade and is a time to get together with your chapter and chapter guests to share a social gathering and celebrate the fun you have had at the rally. Start making your plans now.

FMCA Constitution Changes:The Constitution changes recommended by the Governing Board were approved by the Membership and are effective immediately. I want to thank everyone who contributed to drafting and approving these changes especially all the members who expressed their opinions through voting.

Stay safe and I hope to see you in Tucson and Muskogee.

Bob Weithofer


International Area (INTO) of FMCA